What did you say Your Name was? – A Novel, Chapter 11

Ted stayed with Agnes when they reached home. The house had suddenly taken an eerie atmosphere. Ted’s wife, Sylvia, came over with some food. Ted called Owen’s office, Sally and Kaylee. Word had spread in the neighborhood and neighbors started coming in to meet Agnes. Agnes talked with each of them in a calm voice. She still couldn’t believe what had happened.

Next morning a story ran on the second page of the Miami Herald about the accident:

 “Prominent Doctor Involved In Hit and Run

 Dr. Owen Martin, a prominent local pediatrician, was apparently hit by a car as he ran in the vicinity of his home. Dr. Martin, 59, of the Pine Crest neighborhood was on his daily routine. He was taken to the Jackson Memorial hospital emergency room where he died a while later.

The driver left the scene of the accident but a witness, Ted Wyman, had noted partial numbers from the license plate. The Miami police have requested the people in the neighborhood to call them if they had witnessed anything specific. No charges have been filed yet. The authorities are investigating all possible leads and motives. Survivors are his wife Agnes and daughter Sally. 

The funeral had been simple. Ted offered a moving eulogy saying how even in his death Owen showed his compassion and helpfulness towards his friends and fellow human beings. Sally and Kaylee had come and stayed with her for a week.

For Chapter 12 click here: Chapter 12

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