What did you say Your Name was? – A Novel, Chapter 11

Three police cruisers arrived within minutes with blaring horns and flashing lights. A few people came out of their houses to see what the commotion was about and started whispering to each other, asking what had happened. One of the police officers approached Ted. The second started instructing everyone to stay back and the third began placing a barricade tape across the bushes and around the area where Owen lay on the grass.

The officer who approached Ted introduced himself.

“I’m Officer Jefferson. I need to ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind.”

“Ok.” Ted said.

“Your name, Sir?”

“Ted Wyman.” Ted never had an interaction with police.

“Your address, date of birth and telephone number?” Jefferson was writing on a notepad as Ted spoke.

Ted didn’t know why this was necessary, but didn’t want to argue.

“Are you the owner of this dog?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you were the one who called 911?”

When Ted answered in the affirmative, Jefferson asked him to tell him what he saw.

“Well, I was walking my dog as I do every day.” Ted spoke slowly as if he was trying to recollect the scene. “Owen had waived at me from over there.” Ted pointed in the direction. “I didn’t realize when Dusti, my dog, slipped away from me. I had just received a phone call. I watched Owen run after him. Then there was this car that whizzed past and I saw Owen jump. The car sped away. When I approached Owen, he was lying here on his back.”

“Did you notice anything about the car or the driver? Can you give any details?” Officer Jefferson continued.

“It looked like a late-model, grey American sedan. I only saw the license plate briefly as I was crossing the street. I don’t remember the complete sequence. There was a T and S and I believe and two sevens at the end. It might have been a Florida license plate, but I’m not sure. It seemed like the driver had a dark complexion and was wearing a black jacket. It happened so fast, I can’t remember everything.”

Jefferson thanked Ted and said he would get back to him later for more information, if needed. He then joined the other officers who were talking to the people gathered.


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