What did you say Your Name was? – A Novel, Chapter 11

As doctors examined Owen in the emergency room, Ted and Agnes waited anxiously in a waiting room situated in a corner down the hallway. The room had two tables with chairs around and a small sofa towards the wall. A small kitchen counter had a coffee pot, sugar packets and a jar of coffee mate. There was a vending machine close by with snacks.

Ted asked Agnes if she wanted a cup of coffee. “I’m ok”, she replied.

A middle-aged couple had occupied a table closer to the counter. The man had a cup of coffee in his hand. They were not talking, just sitting there. A nurse came and asked them to follow her.

The hospital was not crowded. Other than a few visitors walking past the waiting room door, there was not much activity. Once in a while one could hear someone talking at the nurses’ station.

The silence aggravated Agnes. Occasionally she took a deep breath and sighed. Ted walked away for a while and returned few minutes later.

“Any news?” He asked.

“No.” Agnes replied. “Maybe I should ask the nurse. Why is it taking so long?”

Agnes got up and started pacing the small room.

After waiting for almost two hours, the attending physician, Dr. Epstein, came in. The look on his face indicated it wasn’t going to be good news.

“We did all we can. I’m sorry.” Epstein said with a serious face as he approached Agnes. “Dr. Martin had severe internal bleeding caused by blunt force trauma. He probably hit the curb or was hit by the car. We’ll know more after the autopsy.”

Agnes looked down. Ted put his arm around her shoulder. Tears started flowing down her cheeks.

Agnes wanted to see Owen. Dr. Epstein asked her to follow him. Ted stayed behind. When she returned he hugged her again and took her home.

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