I am a writer who has been practicing the art for the past dozen years. I write short stories, memoirs, and essays. My stories have been published in The Pilcrow & Dagger and India Abroad.

My book Choices They Made is available on Amazon both in paperback and Kindle version. It is a collection of connected stories that follows four people across two continents as they try to fulfill their dreams. When they enter middle age, their paths cross again after 30 years, causing their lives to take an unexpected turn.

Choices They Made


Top international review on Amazon:

“A sort of unputdownable book, for sure. Distinct events spanning decades involve different individuals. It all makes sense eventually, as the author has neatly tied up sequences leaving no loose ends. I liked the characterizations, even of people who are not involved with the core of the story.
Attention to detail paints a good picture of the locations without it ever getting tedious. It’s all very down to earth and real. I certainly was curious to know what lay on each next page! The best thing is the backdrop of something that involves a medico-legal issue in the U.S.A.”

The characters in my fictional pieces are products of my imagination. Any similarities with the living or dead are purely coincidental. Some events in the stories may be based on real events, but the storylines are fictional.

The memoirs are based on my own experiences. Some stories can be classified as creative non-fiction because I have used fictional names and dialogue to maintain continuity in the story.

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