We started back to Norman the next day after breakfast. Owen’s mom had made scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I thanked them for their hospitality as we were going towards Owen’s car. His father waived us from the front door and said “God Bless.”

We didn’t talk much as we drove back. The normally talkative Owen was quiet. I wondered why? Was he upset with my behavior in the party last night? I really didn’t do anything. As we approached the campus Owen finally spoke.

“Want to go to the school cafeteria for lunch?” he said.

I said “yes”. He parked his car near his rooming house and we walked for about fifteen minutes. I had no idea where we were going. A few students were walking around. Past the building that had Department of Physics etched on the top, stood a smaller building. A door to the side led us to the cafeteria. We each picked a tray and walked along the food counter. The choice was plenty for a college cafeteria. I wondered who catered the food.

With nothing else to do for the rest of the afternoon we sauntered over to the student’s union building. It had a large room equipped with sofas and a television. Two students were watching a rerun of Bonanza. They greeted us with just a slight wave of their hands.

“You want to watch something else?” one of them asked us. His name sounded like Show Rab. Sourabh, he corrected us later.

“No, no,” Owen said. “We don’t mind watching this. I like westerns.”

“It’s with lot of drama, no?” Sourabh said. Owen agreed.

“Where’re you from? If you don’t mind me asking,” Owen said. The other person didn’t say anything.

“From India.”

“Long ways from home. Any problems adjusting to our country?”

“Actually, we like here. Problem is FOOD you know.”


“Yes. Amar here is a strict vegetarian.” Sourabh said pointing to the boy who was not speaking. Amar just looked at us and smiled.

“Then, how’re you managing?” I asked.

No one was paying attention to the TV.

“Actually, we have rented a small house with two bedrooms. I cook. We’re looking for one more people to share the house with us. Limited dollars, you know.” It was Amar who finally spoke.

“I’m looking for a place too. I can join you, unless you’re looking for another Indian.” I said.

“Actually, no. It would be super, if you don’t mind sharing with us.” It was Sourabh.

“Done.” I said with a smile on my face.

We stood and shook hands with them as we decided to return to Owen’s room. I needed to pack whatever I had to move in with Amar and Sourabh.

2 thoughts on “Ashley

    1. Thanks Chuck. I am rewriting some of the stories based on the recommendations of my editor. Trying to include vivid scenes and keep the story to cover a smaller time frame. Writing well is a learning process.


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