Author’s note: I am back after a lull. I am rewriting some of the earlier stories using new techniques. I appreciate your feedback. Please note that this story has multiple pages. Click on the number at the bottom.


The letter from the landlord just said that the room I had rented will not be ready for at least a month or more. The house has to undergo major plumbing and electrical repair, it said. They addressed me as “Miss” as it happens frequently. Because my name is Ashley they just assume I am a girl. The fact is that my mom was reading Gone with the Wind when she was expecting me and she loved the Ashley character so much that she decided to name me after him.

The spring semester at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, was to start in a week. With the unexpected unavailability of the room I was at a loss to know what to do, where to stay. Being a graduate student meant I had to stay off campus. Not a big deal, I thought. I was sure the Dean of students will help me out. Dad had said that he couldn’t support me financially on his meager savings. The savings I had from summer jobs, mowing lawns, was sufficient to stay in a hotel for a day or so, but I had to act fast to get something permanent.

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