What did you say your name was? A Novel, Chapter 16 – Epilogue

Meanwhile, back in New York, Alicia was trying to adjust to life without Demond. His death had been sudden and unexpected. She had been so dependent on him, not so much for financial reasons, but for his companionship. She never made a decision without consulting him. Every day in the evening when they had finished dinner it was so comforting to just sit together on the sofa watching Television or talk. They were not rich, but lived a comfortable life. Sometimes he would suggest they go on a short trip to the Caribbean, for example. She liked the time away from everything, but wondered where he got the extra money. He never told her. She imagined it was a bonus from his boss.

Her parents Steven and Gail extended their stay in New York after Demond’s funeral. They were retired and moved to South Carolina leaving the hectic New York life behind.

“Alicia,” Gail said one day. “What’re you going to do by yourself here? Why don’t you come down with us? It’s a much better life. I’m sure you can get a good job just like here.”

“I’m fine here, Mom. Don’t worry about me.” It wasn’t the first time Alicia had said that.

Steven and Gail didn’t pursue the subject further. When they left, Alicia found herself all alone. She blamed herself for not being persistent in sending Demond to a doctor for a checkup until too late. The FBI briefed her on Demond’s involvement in the illicit trade of cannabis. That was another shock to her. She didn’t understand why she was kept in the dark all this time. She knew Demond had a brother Badri and sister Abebi in Malawi. She found their addresses from some old correspondence Demond had with them. When letters written to them were not answered, she concluded that they were not interested in keeping in touch or had moved somewhere else.

She immersed herself in her job, activities of her church, volunteering and singing in the choir. At this stage in her life she was not interested in meeting another man to build a new relationship. If it has to happen it will happen, she thought and went on with her life.


The End

 Thank you for reading the story. I would like to hear from you about your reaction to the story line, the plot and the characters.

If you would like to read the novel from the beginning click here: Chapter 1


2 thoughts on “What did you say your name was? A Novel, Chapter 16 – Epilogue

  1. Hi Ash,

    Enjoyed the story. You’ve become a terrific writer in my eyes. Any more stories being published.

    Hope all is going well.

    We’re doing good here.



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