What did you say your name was? A Novel, Chapter 16 – Epilogue

When he returned to his office, Amelia was still out. He checked his emails again to see if there is anything new. He quickly glanced over the list of mail. There was nothing significant. As he closed the e-mail, an alert popped up on his screen. There was a new message from Connor Flaherty. Martindale clicked it open.

I had a nice talk with Professor Wilkins.” Connor wrote. “In my opinion Prof. Wilkins was not aware of the latest happenings in Dr. Martin’s life. He had known Dr. Martin during his college days, but they were not in frequent touch with each other. They briefly met at the Montego Airport earlier this year, when Dr. Wilkins invited Dr. Martin to visit him for Thanksgiving. As we all know that didn’t happen. Dr. Wilkins was not aware of the circumstances of Dr. Martin’s accident.”

Someone tapped Martindale’s shoulder. Amelia had an envelope in her hand.

The autopsy report, six pages long, contained sections describing the many tests performed on the body and the conclusions — personal information of the deceased, external examination, pathological diagnoses, gross description, cause of death, summary, manner of death.

Martindale flipped through the pages. The external examination noted scratches on the face, traces of blood and a bump on the forehead. He probably jumped to avoid the car coming at him and hit a tree stump or something, thought Martindale.

The cause of death: Blunt force trauma. Manner of death: Homicide.

A case was building up against Demond Ibori. Martindale did some research on the requirements for extradition of Demond if the case was to be held in Miami. He still needed to hear from Mike and John from New York. He didn’t want to call the Mayor before he had collected all the information.

At 4.30 in the afternoon another message popped up on his computer screen — an e-mail from John Banks. John described how their mission to talk with Demond turned futile due to his unexpected death. He said a detailed report will be prepared and that Martindale should expect it within a few days.

Martindale didn’t know whether it was good news or bad news. Conducting a trial would be fruitless since both parties were dead. The data from Owen’s computer was deleted by someone, but there was no clear evidence about who could have done it. Agnes’s’ fingerprints were found on the keyboard but how can that be linked to the data deletion. She lived in the house and may have used the computer any time.

Martindale yawned, got up from his chair and stretched his arms behind his back.

“I’m tired.” He said softly. “Tomorrow! Tomorrow I’ll put everything together. I’ll first call Agnes to inform her about the autopsy report, and then I’ll call Hizzoner.”

He hoped tomorrow’s commute wouldn’t be as bad as today.

Martindale called Agnes as soon as he settled down in his office the next day. Her phone was busy. He didn’t want to leave a message. It’s important I talk to her in person, he thought and decided to call her later.

2 thoughts on “What did you say your name was? A Novel, Chapter 16 – Epilogue

  1. Hi Ash,

    Enjoyed the story. You’ve become a terrific writer in my eyes. Any more stories being published.

    Hope all is going well.

    We’re doing good here.



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