What did you say Your Name Was? A Novel, Chapter 14

Ashley put his legs down and straitened himself in his chair. He looked out the window and wondered why Connor thanked him. Was it just to be polite? He really didn’t give Connor any worthwhile information, at least as it appeared to him. Their conversation went smoother than he expected, but as he thought more about it, it became obvious that there was something behind all those questions about Owen. Demond Ibori? It sounded like an African name. What was between him and Owen? Answers he would never get.

That afternoon, Ashley related his conversation with Connor to Samantha. She was as perplexed as he. The only thing they could do was to wait and see if they would hear from Connor again.

Ashley peeked inside his study. The baseball cap with the OU logo and the name Owen under it was still there. Ashley suspected that it had some significance in Owen’s life, more than he ever knew or imagined. Otherwise why would Connor be interested to know if he still had the cap?


For Chapter 15 click here: Chapter 15

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