What did you say Your Name Was? A Novel, Chapter 14

After Connor left Samantha had a feeling that it was something illegal and hoped Ashley was not in any trouble with the law. First she thought she could wait until he makes his afternoon visits to tell him about Connor’s visit. But the curiosity took over. She called him at his office but only got his answering machine. She left a message that he should call her immediately on an important matter. An hour went by but there was no call from Ashley. Probably still in his class, she thought. Should I just drive over and tell him in person? Be patient Samantha. It’s not the end of the world. She thought of calling Courtney, but it wasn’t something she wanted to talk with her.

“What’s wrong Samantha? You never call me at my office.” Ashley said when he finally called at 11:30. “What’s so important?”

Samantha told him about Connor’s visit and asked if he was in any kind of trouble with the law.

“I’ll be damned if I know what they want.” Ashley said. His voice a bit agitated. “Did he leave his number?”

“Yes. He gave me his card. Do you want it now?”

“No. It can wait. I’ll take a look when I stop by this afternoon.”

When he came home that afternoon, Samantha handed him Connor’s card. Ashley looked at it carefully. He turned it back and forth as if there was more information on both sides. He put it in the front pocket of his shirt.

“Don’t lose it.” Samantha warned. She was aware that lately Ashley was losing track of where he has kept things. It’s not Alzheimer he said many times, in jest.

“I’d be careful.”

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