What did you say your Name was? – A Novel, Chapter 8

After a brief talk Juan moved away to mingle with other guests. The party was over by 11o’clock at night. Agnes and Owen personally thanked each guest for coming and walked them out. The weather was getting a bit nippy with a mild breeze rubbing against their faces. Some close friends lingered on and continued their talk with Agnes and Owen. Agnes ordered the waiters to bring fresh coffee for them.

When they were alone together in bed that night, Owen mentioned his talk with Juan.

“It’s risky, but worth a try,” Owen said.

“You’re right,” Agnes said. “The next time you visit Kaylee in New York you should visit one of those bars and try it out.” She yawned as she said this with her eyes half closed.

“Go to sleep. We had a long day. You can think about it tomorrow.” She kissed him lightly and the next minute she was snoring. Owen looked at her. She looked so innocent and happy.

Owen stayed awake for a while. He was disturbed with the thought of doing something illegal. He got up, walked down to his study and turned on the computer where he kept his diary. He had progressed from keeping a paper notebook to using a computer to document his musings.

I have heard, by word of mouth, that a few people have used the stuff. I always thought it was for people who were junkies. I heard it first time from Juan today that the cannabis can be used for medical purposes.

Owen’s entry reflected his concern for taking a risk. His reputation was at stake. All those things he had worked so hard to achieve could be gone in a second of indiscretion. At the same time he didn’t want to make his life miserable. He didn’t want to suffer in vain when something could be done discreetly. It wasn’t clear to him what he should do. His his physical well-being was as important as his reputation  .

After completing his entry he turned off the computer, sat in his chair with quiet concentration for a few minutes. He got up after a while and went upstairs to sleep.

For Chapter 9 click here: Chapter 9

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