What did you say your Name was? – A Novel, Chapter 8

By 7.30 the party was in full swing. All the invited guests had arrived. Agnes was moving around, making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and accepting greetings and comments about how great the party was and for all her efforts in arranging it. She had put light music on the cassette player with songs from the 70’s – Peter Paul and Mary, James Taylor, Marvin Gaye, and others. The speakers placed near the swimming pool were spreading the music around the back yard. Some songs reminded Owen of his days in the Viet Nam war.

“Owen, Owen, come here. I would like you to meet Dr. Rodriguez from Long Island.”

Owens’s younger sister Kaylee was standing in front of him with a young man who appeared to be in late thirties or early forties. She had arrived two days before to help Agnes prepare for the big event. The man was dressed in business casual. He had long black hair that curled over his neck.

Owen greeted him by extending his hand.

“First, my hearty congratulations to you Dr. Martin,” Dr. Rodriguez said. “It’s my privilege to meet a famous person.”

“Thank you. You can call me Owen. It’s not a big deal really.”

“Yes, it is. You must have plenty of satisfied patients and your colleagues must really admire you.”

“Is that how it works?”

“Yes, as far as I know.”

“What brings you to Miami? And how do you know Kaylee?”

“I’m a chiropractor based in Manhasset, Long Island. I’ve been a neighbor of Kaylee and Roger for a long time. I am here to attend the chiropractic supplies trade show. To see what new devices have come up.”

Kaylee left them to talk to each other and moved on to talk with other guests. Owen was left to talk to this person he hardly knew.

“Not that I want to get free advice, but you mind if I ask you for a personal opinion?” Owen asked Dr. Rodriguez. He thought a chiropractor would be the best person to consult on curing pain in his back.

“Oh, no problem, and, call me Juan.”

“Well, Juan, it’s kind of an odd situation.”

Owen explained his chronic back pain, how all tests and procedures have not resulted in any diagnosis. He felt a bit awkward to tell this to a person he was meeting for the first time, but he didn’t want to miss an opportunity to learn of a cure he might have bypassed.

“I can recommend a few stretching exercises that you can do in your home, but you know, I read a report in a medical journal just this month about some doctors prescribing the cannabis for pain. If nothing else is working, it might be worth a try.” Juan said.

“Remember, it’s still a federal offence to buy cannabis. Some states such as New York, California and Colorado are more lenient. They are considering changing state laws to allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes.” Juan continued.

Owen thanked him and said he would look into it.

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