A Day at the Courthouse

After repeated calls, the company providing lawn care service to us sent someone to give an estimate. I lucked out. The snow had melted and lawn was clear for him to see the damage. I was lucky. It snowed again, about a foot, the next day. I had taken a photo of the lawn before it had started to snow.

I received a call a few days later, from the court, informing me a day has been set in middle of March. I was to report there at 9 am. I waited to receive the subpoena.

Two days before the scheduled date I called the court to confirm that they had received the paper work I had sent them. They had. I told them that I still hadn’t received the subpoena.

“Come any way,” was the answer.

I didn’t know if I had to wear a suit.

“You’r a victim,” my wife said. “You aren’t there to impress anyone.”

Fernando, the locker room attendant at my gym recommended that I go there early. You’ll have to go through security and then wait for your case to be called, he said. I wondered how he knew. Was he there before?


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