A Day at the Courthouse

A couple of weeks later I got an envelope from the court with forms I needed to fill out. There was no date set for the case. An estimate was to be submitted for property damage. There was also a form to document any psychological effect I might have suffered as a result of the incident.

It was winter and there were days when the entire lawn was covered by heavy snow. None of the nurseries I called were interested to come over and take a look.

“If the damage to our lawn is the only reason to charge the kids then we should drop it,” my wife said one Sunday morning. I couldn’t understand why she wanted to be so lenient to the kids. But she had a point.

I called Officer Jackson and left a message that I would drop the charge if the damage to my lawn was the only reason. He never responded. I called the courthouse and said the same thing.

“It’s not in your hands, Sir,” I was told by Angelica who answered the phone. “There are other charges that I’m not at liberty to tell you.”

“Oh, my! Do I have to appear at the courthouse when the date is decided?”

“Yes, Sir. You will be required to attend to prove that it did happen.”

I had no idea that my presence in the court was required. I thought the matter would be decided between the officer and the court.

“You will get a subpoena.” Angelica said.


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