What did you say Your Name was? – A novel, Chapter 3


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After two months without enough food Demond stole a basket of fruits from his neighbor and didn’t feel guilty. He was learning some tricks from his best friend Nanji, who always dressed well and had a carefree manner.

“Have you ever been hungry?” Demond asked Nanji once.

“Sometimes, and you?”

“Yes. This year’s been bad.”

They met on his father Akua’s farm, huddled in a faraway corner to smoke cigarettes. Demond had no idea where Nanji got the cigarettes. Nanji talked about how he made money on the street by picking pockets of visitors and tourists on busy streets.

“How’d you do that?” Demond asked.

“It’s easy. You’ve to act and move fast.”

Demond wasn’t sure he wanted to do that. But he saw how his friend was resourceful in getting what he wanted.

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