Ashley Ending

The next day I got up early and told Owen not to wait for me for breakfast, since his priority was to get his car fixed. I stopped by at the Rickner’s again. There was a different waitress this time. I ordered a doughnut and coffee. The first address was within a block to the right. The “Rooms for Rent’ sign was prominent. I knocked on the door.

“Yes,” a man asked as he opened the door.

“I’m looking for a room. I saw the sign out.”

“Sorry. All taken,” He said and closed the door on me.

What was that all about? Was it my looks? Did I look like a dangerous criminal out to rob him? Did I look like a hobo? I thought people in the south were known for their hospitality. Why couldn’t he be polite at least? Well what can you do?

The second address was bit far. I stopped by a lamp-post and read the map to see if there was a shortcut. I saw a man walking towards me with his dog. I was skeptical talking to him after the experience just a few minutes ago.

“Are you looking for something,” he asked.


I showed him the mark on the map.

“Make a left at the next block, then a right after two blocks. You’ll be right there.”

I thanked him. Not all men are ass holes.

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