What did you say your Name was? – A Novel, Chapter 13

That evening Agnes didn’t feel like doing anything. She didn’t want to cook. Ordering takeout from the local China Garden was an easier choice. She liked — hot and sour soup, Hunan style chicken and shrimp Lo Mein with extra hot sauce on the side. Somehow she had a sudden craving for hot and spicy food. She had a bottle of Chianti, already open.

She poured some wine in a glass and picked a piece of chicken with a fork right out of the carton. A few minutes later she walked to the study. Owen’s picture from the Miami Magazine, taken when he was recognized as one of Miami’s fifty best physicians, was on the book-case. Agnes picked it and brought it to the kitchen. Her eyes swelled up as she kept staring at the picture and hiccupped. A tear dropped on the glass. She wiped it with her hand.

Half the Chinese food was left on the table. She had no appetite. There was nothing on TV. After Owen’s death she only watched the News and occasionally Larry King. She was trying to get used to living by herself. It was hard. The big house was empty. She missed him.

Agnes sipped the wine. There were two fortune cookies next to the Lo Mein. She opened one of them.

The greatest risk is not taking one

She tore it to pieces and tossed it on the table next to the food. When she lifted the bottle by its neck and looked at the bottom, it was empty.

I guess that’s enough for today, she muttered. “What I need is a warm bath.” She ran the Jacuzzi and soaked herself in hot water. The vapors from the water soothed her. She slept within a few minutes of retiring to her bed.

The next day at breakfast Agnes scanned the Miami Herald and found there were no updates to Owen’s story. How soon the world forgets, she thought. Agnes knew that it was a lull before the storm. She had to do something about the diary on the computer.

She didn’t know why, but she thought of Ashley and his wife Samantha, whom she had met at the Montego Bay airport. After breakfast she went to the study, leaving the cups and the dishes on the table. She copied all the files of Owen’s diary, to a small thumb drive and deleted the files from the computer. Agnes remembered Ashley had mentioned that he had noticed Owen because of the OU baseball cap Owen always wore. She sewed the drive in the cuffs of Owen’s cap and hemmed the borders.

“Ashley must be expecting us for Thanksgiving,” She thought. “I must inform him about Owen’s sudden death.” She mailed the cap to Ashley with a short note informing him about Owen’s accidental death and the reason for sending the cap — It was because of the cap that the two old friends had come together at the Montego Bay Airport.

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