What did you say your name was? – A Novel, Chapter 9

Owen was visiting his sister in Manhasset, Long Island. His brother-in-law Roger had recommended visiting the Spice of Life and checking out the hookah bar. Owen was not a smoker, but he enjoyed a puff or two once in a while. Lately he had been reading about the medical benefits of marijuana to relieve pain, which seemed to confirm what Juan had told him. That was the reason he was there to try the bar and see if the cannabis would relieve his back problem. After returning home Owen did find that smoking the cannabis at the bar in New York had its effect. He found a temporary relief from his back pain.

“You know,” he said to Agnes one day. “That stuff has helped me. Now the question is how am I going to get it here in Miami?”

“Why don’t you ask Roger,” Agnes replied. “May be he can call the Spice people and see if they can arrange something.”

“Something to think about.” Owen said, deep in thought.

Owen wasn’t sure if it was going to be that easy.

He let it go for a few weeks. He still kept his morning routine of a five-mile run. But it was getting more and more bothersome. Sometimes he would have trouble standing with his patients, and would sit on a chair as he examined them. He sat in a hot tub upon returning home to get some relief. He kept thinking of the hookah bar in New York as he sat in the hot tub. He had brought a supply of cannabis with him from New York. Those were going to last for a few months. What was he going to do when his stock was finished?

One of the options was to order the merchandise by mail. But then he had to think of the risk involved. What if the mailman delivered the package to the wrong address? His name will be in papers the next morning. He envisioned a headline in the Miami Herald:

One of our best doctors associated with a drug ring.

The source of the story is a package containing marijuana that was addressed to Dr. Martin, one of last year’s 50 best doctors. Dr.Martin has not been charged with anything yet. Police are still investigating the details.”

 A quiver went through his spine as he thought of the scenario. He didn’t have any idea of what he should do. He decided to give it some time and let it go at that.

A few weeks went by. He decided that the best way was to contact Demond in person. He booked a weekend trip to New York. That way he didn’t have to rearrange the schedules with his patients. His sister picked him up at the LaGuardia airport.

“Good to see you again Dr. Oben.” Demond was very happy to see Owen again.

Owen took Demond in a corner in the Hookah bar. Fortunately it wasn’t very crowded. Demond agreed that he would have no problem delivering the cannabis packages to him in person once a quarter. Owen didn’t even have to pay for the trip. They shook hands on the deal.

Owen was content when he returned to Miami.

“That settles it,” He said to Agnes. “I feel good now. I could have talked to Demond over phone, but I think what I did was for the best. It’s better to be cautious in these matters. Better be safe than sorry, like they say.”

Agnes nodded her head.


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