In 2003 he developed a tumor on his right hand and was operated on it. It turned out to be malignant. He received radiation therapy and was completely cured of it. Doctors didn’t think it was related to his tobacco habit. He resumed his normal life of taking daily walks, reading and sensible eating.

The next year Nana and Viju moved to Pune, a state more affordable and less hectic than Bombay. It was a wise move for their retired life. Urmila and her family had also moved to Pune. So it was better to be close to her. Pankaj, after working for a number of years at Air India had moved to the southern city of Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. He had taken a new job at the Infosys Company. He was proud of earning a salary much beyond his expectations and by not listening to Nana in his career moves.

“I suggest so many things to Nana, now that we are both retired and at home all day,” Viju used to say. “He just wants to be independent and be on his own. I said let’s go for a walk together. He says NO. He just wants to read his books. Finally I said I am going to do what I want to do. Let him do whatever.”

Viju used her teaching experience to offer private tuitions to young children. She started taking lessons in playing Harmonium and singing and became quite adept at it.

In 2011 Nana was diagnosed with lymphoma. He required occasional blood transfusion to increase his blood count.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Something has to happen when one gets old,” he would say with a shrug.

He abandoned his tobacco habit and his speech improved significantly.

9 thoughts on “Nana

  1. नानांबद्दल वाचून मजा आली ,छान लिहीलेत। गीता वहीनी

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      1. Hello Achunana
        Your write up on Late Nana mama is interesting. I too remember the incident mentioned by you in the article. When he was in translation dept. he used to occasionally drop me at keshav memorial school en route to his office . Your article is best tribute to Late Nana mama.


  2. My eyes welled with tears on reading this. As Oscar Wilde’s quote on parents, I did judge him and later understood where he was coming from. He used to think I am like his father and would spend all money and be penniless in the end I proved him wrong on this! He saw me succeed in life , following a different path. In the end, he used to ask me to be always thankful to god for all the personal success , not take credit personally, as I used to do. Anyway thanks for writing with such compassion and in detail regards Pankaj

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    1. Hello Pankaj: I understand. Sometimes we are quick to judge people around us. Especially in youth. Over time we have a different perspective. It is never too late for redemption.
      At first glance I was surprised to see a comment on something I wrote two years ago. I am glad it is you. Take care.


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