What did you say Your Name was? – A novel, Prologue

Owen graduated with a degree in Biology in 1965 and left Norman. Right after that I got very busy with my thesis. I moved to a basement apartment two blocks away. I wasn’t interested in sharing it with anyone. I had enjoyed Owen’s company and didn’t think I would have the same rapport with anyone else.

He wrote letters to keep me informed about his whereabouts. I learned that he had been drafted and went to fight in Vietnam. Two years later I received a letter from Malawi, Africa. He was distributing mosquito nets as a Peace Corps volunteer. He said he was “just friends” with a young lady, Rachel, from Iowa and had enclosed a picture of both of them with a couple of children.

I graduated with a doctorate in Engineering in 1968. Mom and dad came to the graduation ceremony. I saw dad dressed in a suit for the first time. I secured a position as an assistant professor at Michigan State. It’s the only place I have ever worked. Life has been good over the years. In time I got married, had three wonderful children and have risen to the position of full professor.

I had received a letter from Owen shortly after my wedding. It was October 1971. He had wished me good luck in undertaking life’s new journey. I couldn’t figure out where he was because there was no return address on the envelope. I lost touch with him after that.

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