What did you say your Name was? – A Novel, Chapter 5


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Two years after Demond was accused of stealing the mosquito nets, his mother Bayo died. She never fully recovered after the birth of her second daughter. She couldn’t eat and suffered from diarrhea. Akua, Demond’s father, didn’t have enough money to take her to a doctor. When Demond stole the mosquito nets that were provided to his family, he was just following his hunch to bring in some money for the family. His friends were doing the same. Bayo was glad that the judge didn’t punish him severely but she told him many times to avoid the company he was keeping. She didn’t want him to follow Akua in farming, but instead to learn a profession.

Demond remembered how as a child he had accompanied his mother to the farm. He liked hanging around her when she cooked. Even as a teenager he snuggled close to her in moments of playfulness. After Bayo died Demond spent most of the time outside his home. Sitting alone, dreaming about how he can make money. He didn’t want to follow Akua and tend to the farm.

With Bayo gone Akua wanted his children to help him in the farm. The work on the farm was hard. They started at five in the morning and worked for eight to twelve hours. In spite of the hard work they were at the mercy of the weather for a good crop.

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