What did you say your Name was? – A Novel, Chapter 8


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Agnes enjoyed giving parties, but she was also a careful planner. She spent a lot of time organizing and worrying if everything will go as planned. She made “to do” lists and checked each item off as it was completed. She wanted everything to be perfect. But, today’s party was special. It was a party to celebrate Owen being included in Miami’s fifty best doctors for the year 2004. She made sure that all the prominent physicians in Miami were invited. The guests would start arriving at six thirty. There would be a cocktail hour followed by a buffet dinner. She had a blow up of Owen’s picture from the Miami Magazine, framed and placed on an easel near the swimming pool. It showed Owen wearing a striped burgundy tie, a light blue shirt and the white lab coat. Agnes had selected the tie herself. In all of 20 years they’d been married, she’d never been so proud. She knew Owen hated surprises so she did not hide it from him.

“Make sure you come home early, honey,” she had warned him as he left for his office that morning.

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