What did you say your name was? A Novel, Chapter 16 – Epilogue


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Officer Martindale of the Miami police came late to work. The traffic had been bad and some crazy person tried to cut in front of him, narrowly missing. He had kept his cool. He needed a hot cup of coffee.

Amelia, his secretary, was talking to someone on the phone. He wanted to ask her if the autopsy report for the hit and run involving Dr. Owen Martin had come. He walked past her to the small kitchen, lifted a Styrofoam cup from the stack and poured himself black coffee. He preferred it without the cream and sugar, especially today.

As he walked past Amelia she raised her right arm, continuing to talk on the phone. Why do these ladies have to talk so early in the morning? Martindale said to himself. He was not in a mood for small talk. As he passed her desk she stopped talking, placed the phone on the base pad and looked up at him.

“Anything important in the mail?” he asked.

“You mean the autopsy report for the Martin/Ibori case?”

“Uh. Huh.”

“Sorry, Nothing.”

“Let me know when it comes in”

“Sure, will do.”

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